North Cotswold Wounded Badger Patrol

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North Cotswolds Wounded Badger Patrols are running every night throughout the cull


Meet at 7.00 pm in the Back Lane Car Park, Back Lane, Winchcombe, GL54 5PZ. Just turn up!  You will meet more wonderful badger heroes!


Wear strong shoes, carry a torch and maybe a spare battery, a drink, warm clothing;and a waterproof and obviously anything else which you might need in the countryside where there are no facilities.



South West Badger Protectors
October 2017
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the newsletter for South West badger protectors
Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Wiltshire
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Hi Anne

First off, we'd like to welcome Wiltshire Against The Badger Cull who will be joining us in producing this newsletter from this month, which will mean that we can keep even more people up to date with what's happening.

We're now six weeks into this year's cull and hope we're nearing the end in most of the zones.  However, it’s not clear if there’s a six week time frame (or longer) for the original zones in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire.  As soon as we know, we’ll pass the details on.

Once again this year we've witnessed flagrant breaches of the cull licence guidelines and dreadful bio-security practices, with the recent incident in Wiltshire (see the article below) being a case in point.

However as the cull extends, we receive more and more reports from local people who, like us, are opposed to the cull and want to pass on information.  Every bit is useful in piecing together what’s really going on in the zones.

Once again, our presence shows just how determined we are as a collective group, demonstrating that we stand up for badgers, conservation, and science. As we've spent countless hours and walked hundreds of miles together, we've renewed old friendships and made new ones,

The best thing of all is that we've witnessed how badgers are still surviving in the cull zones, even in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire, despite the persecution that they've been subjected to five years.  This keeps us going and will continue to keep us going.  The Government hopes we will give up but, instead, we go from strength to strength refining our skills and discovering new ones.  We promise that the badger cull will never be accepted as ‘normal’.

Although we hope that this year's cull will soon be over, we continue to work year round.  After the cull has finished we will need to sett check to see how many setts have survived and in the new year, we'll start sett surveying again in preparation for any further roll out.  New people are always welcome, so do get in touch via email or social media (links below).  You will be pleasantly surprised at how addictive it becomes and once you know how to read badger signs and find setts, you can keep an eye on your local badgers.

Keep looking at our social media channels and our monthly newsletters for further details in due course.

Cullers leave bloodied bodies of badger family next to a public footpath for 12 hours

The bodies of a family of badgers shot dead during the cull were abandoned beneath a tree in the Wiltshire cull zone.  Read Wiltshire Against The Badger Cull's full account here.

In order to ensure that these beautiful animals did not die in vain, please take a few minutes to write to or email your MP and ask why the Government, Defra and the NFU are continuing to roll out these inhumane culls when bTB breakdowns are not reducing in any of the areas, and why the culls are not being effectively monitored for humaneness and bio-security. Urge them to look at the groundbreaking work being carried out by Devon vet Dick Sibley as reported in the Guardian article below.

If you're uncertain as to who your MP is or to find your MP's contact details use this link.

Could a pioneering vet’s bTB test end the cull?

Research at a secret location in Devon may help eradicate bovine tuberculosis without a single badger being killed, says leading vet

A pretty stone farmhouse sits in a green valley, surrounded by airy cowsheds. It looks like a timeless west country scene but is actually a pioneering farm, where cutting-edge science is helping to solve the hugely controversial problem of (bTB).

As an expanded badger cull got under way this autumn, in which 33,500 animals will be killed a leading vet, Dick Sibley, believes this Devon farm demonstrates a way to eradicate the disease in cattle – without slaughtering any badgers.  Read the article.

Devon and Cornwall Against The Badger Cull hold local protests

A small group from Devon and Cornwall Against The Badger Cull recently held a protest in Crediton, a town literally divided by the badger cull (it's believed that the cull boundary runs right through it), before moving on to Sandford to let the residents know what their Parish Councillor likes to get up to!  See more photos here.  

Somerset Badger Group vaccinates 400th badger

Last month Somerset Badger Group's vaccination team reached a significant milestone when it successfully vaccinated its 400th badger on a farm in Devon.

Somerset Badger Group has also vaccinated badgers in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.  Read the full story.

Pole dancing badger - video

We all know how much badgers love peanuts.  This badger filmed in Devon last year loves them so much that it's prepared to pole dance for them!

Badger patrols contact details

Somerset Badger Patrol
Phone - 07450 128 984
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Devon Badger Patrol
Phone - 07533 899 928
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South Hams Badger Patrol
Phone - 07864 079 199
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Glos & NC Wounded Badger Patrol
Phone - 07948 217 575
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Herefordshire Wounded Badger Patrol
Phone - 07948 217 575
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Dorset Badger Patrol
Phone - 07469 189 606
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Wiltshire Badger Patrol
Phone - 07486 522 049
Further details
Cheshire Wounded Badger Patrol
Phone - 07568 261 183
Further details

Badger Trust's online magazine - August 2017

Badger Trust has now published Issue 2, of its
Badger News magazine (August 2017) online. 

To read it, click here and scroll to the bottom of the screen.
You may need to wait a few seconds for it to load.

Read all about it

With so much about the badger cull in the news at the moment, this section contains links to relevant press and online articles.
Cheshire's badger cull - it's not so black and white
Fears that suspected Badger Cull gunmen are operating too close to homes near Prince Charles' residence, Highgrove in Tetbury

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